The Inovarti Platform REST API allows you to manage customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventory, and products. REST API is organized into the following categories:


Retrieve the list of products, create, update, delete a product.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/products

Product Categories

Retrieve the list of categories assigned to a product, assign and unassign the category from a product.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/products/:id/categories

Product Images

Retrieve the list of images assigned to a product, add, update, remove an image to/from a product.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/products/:id/images

Product Websites

Retrieve the list of websites assigned to a product, assign, unassign a website to/from a product.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/products/:id/websites


Retrieve the list of customers, create, delete a customer, and update the customer information.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/customers

Customer Addresses

Retrieve the list of customer addresses, create, update, and delete the customer address.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/customers/:id/addresses


Retrieve the list of stock items, update required stock items.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/stockitems

Sales Orders

Retrieve the list of sales orders with detailed information on order addresses, items, and comments.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/orders

Order Addresses

Retrieve information on order billing and shipping addresses.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/orders/:id/addresses

Order Comments

Retrieve information on the specified order comments.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/orders/:id/comments

Order Items

Retrieve information on specified order items.

Resource Structure: https://inovarti.com.br/index.php/api/rest/orders/:id/items